About Us

The Family

A landmark company in the region.

We tell the story of our land

In 1975 we made a choice; we chose high-quality viticulture and oenology, which mean tending the vines that embellish these hills. And it was the start of Bernardi Pietro e Figli.

Past, present and future

For three generations, Bernardi Pietro e Figli has been active in the wine market, producing and enhancing wines that best represent a unique territory in the world, that of the hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene.

Change is a key element, the desire to combine passion and respect for tradition with new techniques and technologies. A look towards the future, but with solid roots in the past.

Our products

Quality is a constant in a story that began in the 1950s and continued down the generations.
Our products include a wide range of sparkling wines that speak of this land, its hills and their wonderful fruit.

Bernardi’s flagship wine is our Conegliano Vadobbiadene Prosecco DOCG Superiore, a fabulous expression of the Prosecco quality that’s found only in this region.

From vine to cellar

100% in-house production

From pruning to bottling, every stage of wine production is carried out on our premises by our own team, to ensure that everything is done sustainably and with meticulous care.