Our mission

True Sustainability

In harmony with nature

Respectful of the environment, lovers of the land

We produce our wines responsibly and respectfully. We only gather what the land gives us in a healthy, natural and generous manner. In a word: sustainably.

Sustainable wine production

We believe that development only works if it doesn’t upset the balance of the ecosystem. And for this reason, sustainability is a key value in everything we do. Because we believe in a good future, in which people and nature complete and enrich each other.

Sustainability certification

We are certified by the SQNPI (which promotes agri-food production in compliance with regional guidelines on integrated production) and VIVA (the programme by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security to improve sustainability in the Italian wine sector).

Our mission? To improve our field of action by analysing four key factors of wine production: air, water, vineyards and territory. A mission, then, that goes beyond the individual product, and encompasses all the key aspects of the production chain.